Frequently Asked Questions

Not everyone knows insurance the way we do.
Hopefully we can answer your questions here.

What is the difference between an insurance broker and an insurance agent?
Insurance agents are representatives for just one insurer and are employed directly by that insurer. Agents can only offer you insurance products sold by their employer. Insurance brokers are an independent professionals who have contracts to represent several different insurance companies. Brokers can choose from many different insurers offering many different products to find the best match for your needs. Because brokers deal with various insurance companies, they are able to match an insurer to their clients needs. Because brokers are not limited to one insurer, they can search the market and place coverage for unusual or hard-to-insure risks.

What does liability coverage mean?
Liability coverage protects you from lawsuits in the event you are involved in an accident. This coverage provides protection even if you are driving another person’s vehicle. There are three main types of Liability coverage: Bodily injury, Medical or Personal injury Protection, and Property Damage.

Do I have to pay a deductible?
Insurance in most cases are subject to a deductible, in which you pay a specific amount toward the cost of repairs. Deductibles vary from insurer to insurer and by the type of policy. Your individual preferences may even affect the deductible you have on your insurance policies. For example some people prefer a larger deductible because it lowers the premium. However, deductibles may be waived in certain situations. As you can imagine these situations vary and it is best if you discuss it with your broker.

What’s the difference between “collision” and “comprehensive?”
Collision insurance covers damage to your car as a result of an impact with another object in or on the surface of the road. Comprehensive coverage insures against damage to your vehicle from causes such as vandalism, theft, etc.

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